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ChangeMakers90: A Youth Giving Circle In 90 Minutes

Honeycomb is delighted to share, free of charge, our brand new resource ChangeMakers90, our online short-form giving experience.

Jewish youth philanthropy is a powerful way to engage Jewish youth in meaningful action to change the world through giving. It offers participants a strong connector to their Jewish identity and a concrete way to effect change by utilizing the tool of philanthropy. Through this method, participants not only make a difference for the causes they fund, they also explore the Jewish values that drive them, learn leadership skills and make commitments for future action in their communities and beyond.

In this 90-minute experience participants will be introduced to giving through a Jewish lens, nonprofit organizations, consensus building and group-based decision-making.

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This program can be used as a stand-alone giving experience or it can serve as an introduction to concepts for an ongoing program. This grab-and-go resource has everything you need in order to run a meaningful and engaging online giving experience for your group.

The guide includes:

  • Full instructions
  • Session plan
  • Tips for facilitators
  • Ready made online tools
  • Templates
  • Slide deck (separate powerpoint)
DATE: August 9, 2021
TYPE: Learning Tool
SOURCE: External Resource
KEYWORDS: Judaism, Philanthropy