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Connected to Give: Faith Communities

Connected to Give: Faith Communities is the third report in the series. It compares the charitable giving behaviors of Americans from a variety of backgrounds, including their key demographics; examines their motivations for giving; and outlines the types of organizations to which they contribute.

Connected to Give is a collaborative project of a consortium of independent foundations, family foundations, community foundations, and Jewish federations working in partnership with Jumpstart to map the landscape of charitable giving by Americans of different faith traditions. Connected to Give: Faith Communities is written by Melanie A. McKitrick, J. Shawn Landres, Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, and Amir D. Hayat.

DATE: November 1, 2014
TOPIC: Research and Scholarship
TYPE: Article
SOURCE: External Resource
KEYWORDS: Judaism, Religion and Philanthropy
AUTHOR: The National Study of American Jewish Giving