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Church Endowment Guide

A resource from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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“Endowment funds and planned/legacy giving programs are ways for a church to make commitments and plans for its future. They are to be understood in the context of a church’s overall stewardship for the financial support of its mission. This overall plan has several components, including:

  • Annual budget campaign
  • Periodic capital campaign
  • Designated giving
  • Endowment and ongoing planned/legacy giving program

A church’s understanding of its mission is essential to the creation and ongoing support of an endowment fund. This clear understanding of mission is owned by clergy and lay leadership alike, as well as the members of the church. Church endowments, when planned and nurtured, can help expand ministries and outreach. ”


DATE: January 1, 2022
TOPIC: Fundraising Practice
TYPE: Learning Tool
SOURCE: External Resource
KEYWORDS: Gift, Legacy
AUTHOR: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship