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Holy Currencies

Holy Currencies is a resource from the Kaleidoscope Institute.

Holy Currencies is a holistic model for stewardship and congregational vitality, moving beyond “time, talent, and treasure” to create missional and sustainable ministries. This model with its processes, enables church leaders to understand, develop, and utilize five other kinds of currencies besides money that are essential for creating sustainable and missional ministries.  These currencies are: Time & Place, Gracious Leadership, Relationship, Truth, and Wellness.  These currencies flow and recirculate to form a Cycle of Blessings which empower congregations to strengthen their internal relationships as well as reach out and connect with the diverse populations in their neighborhoods.

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DATE: October 13, 2022
TOPIC: Fundraising Practice
TYPE: Learning Tool
SOURCE: External Resource
KEYWORDS: Congregational Vitality, Stewardship