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Let’s Talk About Resources is a free tool designed to help religious leaders and congregations explore questions of creative resource allocation in small group conversations.

Co-created by Lake Institute on Faith & Giving and the innovative design team at Rooted Good, Let’s Talk … uses case studies, games, and reflective discussion questions to facilitate creative conversations about how congregations can use their resources in service to their local community.

Let’s Talk … can be used online or in person. It comes in two versions:

  1. Let’s Talk: The Cohort Model: This 90-minute discussion tool is designed for a cohort of religious leaders who want to explore questions about their use of resources in conversation with one another.
  2. Let’s Talk: The Congregation Model: This three-part discussion tool is ideal for congregational teams and retreats. It includes three 45-minute discussion modules that can be used across a series of meetings or built into a single retreat

Download both versions below, along with facilitation guidance.


DATE: June 14, 2021
TOPIC: Organizational Leadership
TYPE: Learning Tool
KEYWORDS: Asset-Based Community Development