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Muslim Center of Detroit Opens Free Health Clinic

The Reimagining Muslim Spaces series, developed by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, illustrates how mosques can serve as hubs for hope.

The first report in the series presents a case study of the HUDA Clinic, a free health care clinic in Detroit, that began operations on the second floor of the Muslim Center of Detroit, a prominent local mosque. Learn about the clinic’s creation, operation, outreach, and evolution in this comprehensive case study.

Image of the first page of the PDF file which reads: "Reimagining Muslim Spaces; American Muslims and Free Health Services to Underserved Popoulations; The HUDA Clinic: A Cast Study" by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.


Download The HUDA Clinic: A Case Study from ISPU.

DATE: January 31, 2020
TOPIC: Organizational Leadership
TYPE: Story/Case Study
SOURCE: External Resource
KEYWORDS: Islam, Property
AUTHOR: Institute for Social Policy and Understanding