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2022 Giving in Faith Report

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2022 Giving in Faith Report

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The last two years have brought considerable change and uncharted territory for us all. Places of worship across the United States felt the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faith leaders faced new challenges in providing worship spaces, maintaining and nurturing community, and supporting the spiritual growth of their members as they managed unknown situations.

In February 2022, Givelify partnered with Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, part of Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, to gain a better understanding of how individuals and congregations navigated the ongoing pandemic. We heard from 524 faith leaders and 852 faith givers who shared their experiences on community, giving, and worship. 

While much recent research focuses on the impact of the pandemic on congregations, this study sheds light on the ways in which individual giving and gathering behaviors changed throughout 2021. It also highlights the key factors that individuals consider when making decisions about attendance, gathering, and giving.

The 2022 Giving in Faith study holistically examines the relationship between the giver and their faith from the perspective of the individual giver, the faith leader, and the congregation.

The findings reveal one powerful overarching theme: 

To fulfill the call of spiritual leadership, faith leaders take on multiple pivotal roles. They drive engagement, grow membership, and nurture community. They spearhead technology adoption and are entrusted with the sacred guardianship of the tenet of giving. 


Watch this webinar for more insights on the 2022 Giving in Faith report.

DATE: July 11, 2022
TOPIC: Research and Scholarship
TYPE: Article
SOURCE: Outside Organization
KEYWORDS: Congregations' Economic Practices, Digital Giving, Donor Engagement
AUTHOR: Givelify