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Giving Magazine: Hopeful Generosity (Vol 22, No 3)

Resource from Ecumenical Stewardship Center Archives
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Giving Magazine: Hopeful Generosity (Vol 22, No 3)

This issue of Giving Magazine focuses on Hopeful Generosity. Within these pages you will find inspiration, motivation, and thoughtful reflections about the certainties of hope.

The articles included in this issue are:
Are We There Yet?
Love Letters
Saints and Strangers
Mites and Seeds
A Lifelong Call to Ministry
Preaching Hopeful Generosity
Fishing Differently After the Pandemic
Do Millennials Want to Talk About Money?
On Being the Widow
What Actually Inspires Kids to be Generous?
Blessed Be the Children
One Child’s Legacy
Gritty Generosity
Transformational Generosity

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Giving Magazine was a premier stewardship resource published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC) from 1999 until 2020. The magazine served Christian faith communities throughout North America, providing thoughtful, practical, and inspirational content on faith and giving from thought leaders and practitioners alike. Giving was published annually from 1999 until 2018 (volumes 1-20), and then quarterly in 2019 and 2020 (volumes 21-28) in digital form only. In 2021 ESC closed its doors and committed its archives to the care of Lake Institute on Faith & Giving. For further information on ESC or its archives, please contact us at

DATE: July 30, 2021
TOPIC: Fundraising Practice
SOURCE: Ecumenical Stewardship Center Archives